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Bjartur Ægisson

|| Appears 16-17
|| Birthday: August 2
|| "Westman Islands"
|| Speaks: Icelandic, English, Danish

|| Appearance ||

He has a somewhat ashy blonde hair with a strand/lock standing up on top to represent the island of Surtsey (It is NOT an erogenous zone, but if you pull on it, he'll get annoyed because in real life no one is allowed to step foot on Surtsey, other than scientists for research.) His hair is a bit like Iceland's, having a rather "bedhead"-like appearance and kind of messy because of the strong winds around his place. His eyes are a deep brown color.
Westman wears a navy blue jacket with red cuffs and matching blue pants. Underneath his jacket is a grayish dress shirt. He also wears dark gray boots which come in handy when it comes to hiking around the terrain and steep slopes.
He is often seen with a puffin named Friða (meaning "peace" in Icelandic). She's only distinguished from the other puffins by the semi-yellow flower loosely tied around her neck (most likely an Icelandic poppy flower). She is a representation of the Westman Islands' vast puffin population, which is one of the largest in the world.

|| Personality ||

Vestmannaeyjar lives a simple and quiet life, taking pleasure in the nature around him. He tries to act serious and responsible, but is quite clumsy and immature at times. He tries to be like Iceland and keep a "cool" temper, but ends up being quick tempered. He is somewhat shy towards strangers, but welcoming. It takes him a while to open up to someone, but once he does, they'll see that he's more outgoing than he appears. That energetic and mischievous personality that he hides is usually only open around people he's close with. Bjartur likes telling jokes, although sometimes his jokes don't make sense to anyone but himself. During August is his festival known as Þjóðhátíð where, to put it short, Bjartur gets a bit wild and things get out of hand. He's a great fisher and is known for his excellent agility in scaling up steep slopes and cliffs in order to gather bird eggs when the season is right. That has been a tradition in his islands for centuries, and also considered the municipality's own national sport, despite it being a very dangerous and challenging one. Another thing he enjoys is football (or as Americans call it, soccer). There's a sports team called IBV Vestmannaeyjar, and Bjratur likes to take part in it from time to time. He may also go out to play golf, as his place is known to be one of the best and top-rated golf areas in the world.
For much of his past he was known for his poverty and difficult to access land. Despite his poor state foreign sailors/pirates continued to rob him, which built a sort of paranoia among the population. Because of this Westman received some help from Denmark when it came to defense.



Westman Islands
❄ Velkomin til Vestmannaeyja ❄

"The Capri of the North"

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| Mental Status
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/ah! Such a cute oc~
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Text from: Farbabe
Vestmannaeyjar I want you to help me get out of Denmark's house ASAP before any of the others return TT_TT
Go-a-Viking Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014
"Ah, you're one of Island's relatives? I sailed there many a time to trade. Good furs and timbers."
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AskFemIcelandEmillia Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Hobbyist
Vestmanna, what did you do on Þjóðhátíð? ((google it, you can use it on your ask account in the future ;) ))
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Ask-SindreAndSvetki Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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