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Bjartur Ægisson

|| Appears 17-18
|| Birthday: August 2
|| "Westman Islands"
|| Speaks: Icelandic, English, Danish

|| Appearance ||

Bjartur has blond hair that is often best described as being “bedheaded” in appearance. But really, his home is so windy that he can’t help it. A small cowlick stands at the top of his head, representing the island of Surtsey which emerged in 1963. Bjartur has honey colored eyes, fair skin, and a lean athletic build as he enjoys scaling up the steep hills and trails around his islands. Normally he is seen wearing a blue-gray waterproof jacket over his t-shirt, since the weather at his place changes very suddenly and quickly. He also wears brown pants and black high ankle hiking boots, although he will sometimes wear his other sneakers. He’s not a very fashionable person by nature and usually wears clothes for convenience according to the weather and also comfort. On his left arm he has a burn mark from the Eldfell eruption that destroyed his town in 1973, and on his back a another scar from the Turkish raids of Iceland (Tyrkjaránið), in which he suffered the most damage in the country.

|| Personality ||

Although generally polite and having that Icelandic hospitality, Bjartur is a bit shy, awkward and just doesn’t make easy small talk with strangers. More often than not, you will find yourself at a dead end when trying to make a conversation as a stranger. He doesn’t mean to initially come off as cold, because really he does care for people, but actual long conversations and jokes are usually reserved for his closer friends or family who he’s more used to seeing.

Despite being prosperous nowadays and having a booming fishing and tourist industry, he’s still a little bit stingy with his money– a result of being continually robbed throughout his history by both the English and other foreign sailors, and spending centuries living in near poverty due to lack of support from being cut off from the rest of Iceland and having to fix things himself most of the time. Overall though, he’s rather humble and has a calm personality, but quietly prides his islands for being scenic and popular attractions to tourists.

During Þjóðhátíð , he can be seen hanging around with a group of his friends or any family members that come over to his place. He won’t mind taking a couple of drinks and getting dirty during the duration of the festival, as it’s a joyous time for the entire town and is his own National Day. Every other year he’ll get trashed during the celebration (as insistence from either family or friends), but he tries to show some restraints.



Westman Islands
❄ Velkomin til Vestmannaeyja ❄

"The Capri of the North"

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Eastern-Pearl Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2015
/ah! Such a cute oc~
when I saw capri
the first thing I thought was Capris/
Text from: Farbabe
Vestmannaeyjar I want you to help me get out of Denmark's house ASAP before any of the others return TT_TT
Go-a-Viking Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014
"Ah, you're one of Island's relatives? I sailed there many a time to trade. Good furs and timbers."
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AskFemIcelandEmillia Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Hobbyist
Vestmanna, what did you do on Þjóðhátíð? ((google it, you can use it on your ask account in the future ;) ))
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Ask-SindreAndSvetki Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
((Omergurd we haven't talked for so long :(

I remember when we posted on each other's journals gaah

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